Miyerkules, Disyembre 28, 2011

The little boy and his wise grandfather

There was a little boy who admires his grandfather a lot, until one day he attest his grandfather's intelligence.  He came to him and ask grandpa I am gonna ask you something for me to know how smart you are!....... and without hesitation the grandfather said yes to his grandson.  Ok.... go ahead! .......The little boy then ask: I am holding a bird with my two hands at the back. Now to test or for me to know how smart you are I want you to guess if the bird is dead or alive. The grandfather then answered: you know what my little grandson?  I therefore conclude that you are still young! The little boy then answered: How can you say that grandfather? The grandfather answered here is the reality my dear son......webcam girl If I will say that bird you are holding behind your back is alive you gonna kill it by squeezing your hand until it will die and you will say I am wrong and if I will say that bird is dead you will not gonna kill it,  just to prove me that I am wrong.!!  The grandfather lay his arm to the shoulder of the little boy and whispered, " You have plenty of things to learn more about life. Go and continue learning!

Whats the lesson I learned from the story?

Your life lies in you hands!  Sometimes we  care what others would say that we can't do what we want! We let others to 
We listen to the dream stealers instead our instinct and that is the common grounds of failures.  Most of the time we care what others would say to what we know what is right for ourselves.  One thing I've learned in life is the best commitment you could always do is to give it a try every time you find an opportunity. At least you give a try and if you will succeed then you will be contented if not then at least you will never have a regret at least you try. When you make yourself the best that you can be and do it for yourself first rather than do it for the approval of others, that is when the best things in life will find you. 

Fly like a bird! Never let your fear hold you to reach your aspirations and get out from your shell Explore to appreciate the beauty of life.